Bio Rad PowerPack Basic

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Bio Rad PowerPack Basic; is recommended for basic applications such as horizontal and mini-vertical gel electrophoresis.

Features and benefits:

-Programming in a compact, stackable housing

-Timer control and constant voltage or constant current output

-Possibility to pause and resume a run

Applications and use:

-Nucleic acid gel electrophoresis

-Protein gel electrophoresis

Output range (programmable): 10-300 V, fully adjustable in 1 V steps, 4-400 mA, fully adjustable in 1 mA steps, 75 W (maximum)

Output type: Constant voltage or constant current with automatic crossover

Output terminals: 4 pairs of recessed connections in parallel

Timer: 1 min-99 hours and 59 minutes, fully adjustable

Pause / resume function: Yes

Display: 3-digit LED

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