Metrohm 831 KF Coulometer

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The 831 Coulometer continues Metrohm’s established line of Karl Fischer instruments for the determination of low-level water contents. Traces right down to the lower micro range can be determined with guaranteed precision and accuracy.

With the 700 Dosino connected to the Coulometer, the spent solution can be replaced at the touch of a button.

Water contents: 10 µg to 200 mg

Generator cell: with diaphragm

Sample types: solid, liquid, gaseous

Number of predefined methods: 4

Number of methods that can be stored: up to 100

Automation: with 874 Oven Sample Processor (not included)

Automatic conditioning: yes

Live curve: yes

Recalculation of results: yes

Weight 0,0 kg

6 months


Used, in good condition


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