Metrohm 774 Oven Sample Processor with Caroussel

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The Metrohm 774 Oven Sample Processor is specially designed for laboratory use and is essential for processing a large numbers of samples requiring the removal of moisture or organic solvents from solids or liquids by the application of heat. The sample heated in the oven block releases moisture as water vapor, which is then transferred to a measuring cell in a stream of gas.
– Lift path: approximately 100 mm
– Lift load: approximately 30N
– Lift stroke speed: adjustable, 3 to 13 mm/s
– Turntable Rotary speed: adjustable, 3 to20 angular degrees/second
– Oven Temperature range: 50 to 250 °C
– Correction range: -10 to +10 °C
– Heat output: 82 W
– Dimensions (H x W x D): 0.51 x 0.38 x 0.55 m
– Weight: 15.9 kg

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