Metrohm 716 DMS Titrino Titrator

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DET: Dynamic Equivalence Point Titration

MET: Monotonic Equivalence point Titration

SET: Set End point Titration

MEAS: Measurement

CAL: pH calibration

Measurement input:

2 high-impedance measuring inputs for pH, redox and ISE electrodes

1 reference input for a separate reference electrode (may also be used as a differential amplifier)

1 measurement input for polarized electrodes

1 measurement input for temperature sensor Pt100 or Pt1000

Measuring range:

pH value: 0 to 20.00

Voltage: 0 to 2000 mV

Current: 0 to 200.0 A

Temperature: -150 to 450°C

Measuring error of the instrument (without sensor at 25°C and a warmed-up instrument):

pH value: ± 0.02

Voltage: ± 2mV

Temperature: ≤0.2°C in the range from 0 to 100°C


Ipol: 0 to 127 µA

Upol: 0 to 1270 mV, in steps of 10 mV


Resolution: 10000 steps per burette cylinder

Dimensions (HxWxD): 450 x 150 x 275 mm

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