IKA ROLLER 6 basic Roller Mixer

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Roller shaker with 6 rolls provides smooth rocking and rolling action at a fixed speed. Used for mixing blood samples, solid and liquid suspensions and viscous samples. The unit can be used with all conventional tubes and cylindrical bottles. Easily removable attachments provide for quick cleaning in case of sample spills.

Usable at 4 to 50 °C in incubators

Suitable for continuous operation

Removable rolls enable shaking of larger tubes

Easy operation with touch keypad


Type of movement: rolling

Permissible ON time: 100 %

Speed (fixed): 30 rpm

Speed display: none

Timer display: none

Operating mode: continuous operation

Rolls: 6

Roll diameter: 32 mm

Roll length: 327 mm

Working area length: 350 mm

Roll angle (fixed): 3°

Max stroke at roll end: 16 mm

Rolls, changeable, removable: yes

Dimensions (WxHxD): 240 x 115 x 545 mm

Weight: 4.5 kg

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Weight 4,5 kg

6 months


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