Hielscher UP200Ht Handheld Ultrasonic Homogenizer

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The UP200Ht (200W, 26kHz) handheld homogenizer is part of the digital device family of Hielscher’s 200 watt ultrasonic homogenizers that come with a wide variety of new accessories. The new features include digital control and touchscreen, automatic data recording, intuitive operation and ergonomic and contoured design for the most user-friendly use and working comfort. The device functions and different accessories allow for different applications and the coverage of very wide parameter configurations. Typical applications for this powerful ultrasonic device are homogenization, dispersion, emulsification, dissolution, cell disruption, degassing or sonochemistry. Hielscher designed this new portable 200W homogenizer to provide the user with high flexibility, ease of use and a new level of accuracy and control.

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