Branson Sonifier 250 Cell Disruptor

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The supply voltage converts AC line voltage to 20kHz electrical energy. This high-frequency electrical energy is fed to a converter where it is converted into mechanical vibrations. The heart of the transducer is a lead zirconate titanate electrostrictive element which, when subjected to an alternating current, expands and contracts. The transducer vibrates in a longitudinal direction and transmits the motion to the horn tip which is immersed in the solution, causing cavitation. The implosion of microscopic bubbles or voids in the solution results, intensively stirring the molecules in the medium. The Sonifier operates in two modes: Pulsed and Continuous. In Pulsed Mode, ultrasonic vibrations are transferred to a solution at a rate of one pulse per second. This pulse duration can be adjusted from 0.1 to 0.9 per second, allowing the solution to be processed at full ultrasonic intensity as the temperature builds up – particularly valuable when processing hot volatile solutions and temperature sensitive material. In continuous mode, the Sonifier can be set for continuous duty.

Used for: sample preparation, cell disruption, nanoparticle dispersion, mixing, homogenization, DNA, cell lysis, protein extraction

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