Harvard Scientific KTR-5 Ventilator Machine

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The KTR-5 is used for ventilating the most frequently used animals in the laboratory, from mouse to rabbit. It employs Microprocessor control. This permits flexible adaptation of the ventilation parameters to the most diverse experimental conditions. The functional sequence is signaled by suitably marked signal LED’s. The ventilation sequence can also be influenced by external signals.

Unlike a STARLING piston pump, use of the KTR-5 avoids the danger of excessively extending and damaging the lung of the ventilated animal through incorrect setting of the stroke volume. The electronic control of the KTR-5 also permits free selection of the ventilation timing over a wide range in order to adapt it to the requirements of your experiment.

The KTR-5 operates on the principle of intermittent positive pressure ventilation. A continuously adjustable air (gas) stream is passed by solenoid valves either to the animal or to an overflow outlet. The effective pressure in the ventilation cannula is measured and indicated. By suitable settings on the unit it is possible to utilize the measuring circuit to terminate the inspiration process when a given adjustable ventilation pressure has been reached (EIP LIMIT: 0–29 cmH20). This effectively protects the animal against excessive pressure rise in the lung.

Through the “Plateau” function, the end-inspiratory pressure can be maintained constant over an adjustable period of time (% of cycle). This function permits direct control of the inspired air retention. Measurements can also be performed in the inspired condition.

The air flow to the ventilated animal is adjusted by means of a built-in needle valve. The set air flow is indicated on a float flow meter (Rota meter). A sigh (or a number of sighs) can be induced at any time by key stroke.


Respiration Rate: 1 – 200 bpm (breaths per minute)

Inspiration Duration: 10 – 79% of ventilation cycle

Duration of Plateau: 1 – 50% (of total cycle time)

EIP Limit Rat: 0.1 – 50 cm H2O

EIP Limit Mouse: 0.1 – 20 cm H2O

Leak Alarm: 0 – 10 cmH2O

Maximum Sigh Pressure Rat: 0.1 – 50 cmH2O

Maximum Sigh Pressure Mouse: 0.1 – 20 cmH2O

Sigh Number: 1 – 10

Minute Volume Range: Up to 2500 ml/min (50% INSPIR, depending on compliance)

Displays: LC-display, 3 lines of 12 characters; 7 LED’s for function control

Recorder Output: For measured ventilation pressure: 0.1 V/cm H2O

Other functions: Alarm function, visual and audible, on pressure fall, alarm limit adjustable on “LEAK ALARM” control; indication of functional sequence by signal LED’s; remote control

Air/gas Connections: Outlet for expiration air/gas (EXHAUST EXPIR), immersion tube for PEEP adjustment is connected to this outlet, also used for gas sampling to analyze the expired gas

Outlet for excess air or gas: (EXHAUST OVERFLOW) connection for Halothane Vaporizer (FROM, TO HALOTHANE VAPORIZER) inlet for external supply (2 bar max.)

Air/gas supply: External supply from tank or central supply using pressure reducer and particle filter. Maximum pressure 2 bar

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