Siemens ADVIA 1650 Chemistry Analyzer

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The ADVIA 1650 has minimal requirements for sample volume (as low as 2 µL/test), reagent consumption (as low as 80 µL/test) and water consumption (25 L/hour) – thus maximizing management efficiency. A rapid, 3-second cycle and system throughput of up to 1650 tests/hour provide powerful high-speed performance, ensure workflow efficiency through peak workloads. Optional universal rack handler facilitates continuous sample feeding for further productivity gains. 
Measurement point: 98 detection points/ 6 seconds in 10 minute reaction
Photometer: Concavity diffraction  grating, rear spectroscopy system
Measurement wavelength: 14 fixed wavelengths (340, 410 ,451, 478, 505, 545, 571, 596, 658, 694, 751, 805, 845, 884 nm), 1 or 2 wavelenth calculation
Light source: 12V, 50W halogen lamp, cooled by forced water circulation
Assay method: Colorimetric assays – Endpoint assays (EPA), Reaction rate assays (RRA), 2-point rate assays (2PA), 3-item simultaneous measurement (parameter independent), Prozone checking (antigen excess check) Substrate depletion check with point forwarding option, Sample blank correction
Reassay mechanism: Automatic or manual (selectable)
Automatic correction: Blood serum blank, cell blank, measurement point change, sample volume change in reassay
Measurement method: Open discrete – Single line, simultaneous, multi item measurement
Throughput rate: Maximum 1650 tests/hour
Throughput rate biochemistry : Maximum 1200 tests/hour
Throughput rate electrolyte: Maximum 450 tests/hour
Sample throughput rate: Maximum 1200 samples/hour
Simultaneous measurement item: Maximum 103 items, normally 50 (main system) + 3 (ISE)
Measurement sample: Blood serum, plasma and urine (method dependent)
Containers: 5 mL, 7mL, 10 mL collection tubes (dead volume for collection tubes is 200 µL)
Cups: 1.8 mL JEOL sample cups (STT only), Hitachi 2 mL sample cups and Immuno 2 mL sample cups in 7 mL (16 x 75 mm) collection tubes (URH) or STT sample adapter (dead volume for sample cups is 50 µL)
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