Biomérieux Mini Vidas Immuno Analyzer

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MINI VIDAS is a compact automated immunoassay system based on the Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay (ELFA) principles. Convenient and user-friendly, it provides accurate on-demand test results.
MINI VIDAS is greatly appreciated worldwide for its simplicity, flexibility, reliability and 24/7 availability. It processes single sample and batch tests for all types of analysis: serology, immunochemistry, antigen detection. Ten different analytes can be used simultaneously. All enzyme immunoassay reaction stages are performed automatically in minimal space: pipetting, incubating, washing, reading, and results are sent immediately to the integrated printer.
Robust and reliable: MTBF > 1 100 days
Up to 36 tests per hour
Broad menu: over 100 parameters available in single-test ready-to-use format
Adapted to STAT testing
Analytical module with 12 test positions / 2 independent 6-test compartments  
Integrated monitor, keyboard and printer
Daily start-up completed in a few seconds only
Over 100 parameters in single-test format for the diagnosis of cardiovascular and infectious diseases, cancers, infertility, pregnancy and thyroiditis diseases
On-demand testing: 1 patient, 1 test, 1 result
Ready-to-use reagents
Results in 17 to 90 minutes
Weight: 40kg
Dimensions (H x W x D): 575 x 450 x 550 mm
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