Perkin Elmer Flexar FX-15 UHPLC System

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Ultra high performance means the highest resolution, highest sensitivity and fastest analysis – in other words, a superlative LC system. Flexar FX-15 is the ultimate in UHPLC with maximum throughput and minimum stress for you. Getting more sample information in less time lets you be more productive.

System consists of:
Perkin Elmer Solvent Manager 3-CH Degasser
Perkin Elmer FX-15 UHPLC Pump
Perkin Elmer FX UHPLC Autosampler
Perkin Elmer Peltier LC Column Oven
Perkin Elmer FX UV/Vis UHPLC Detector

Solvent Manager:
Plug-and-play drainage system automatically interconnects, even as you add components
Removable tray contains breach of complete bottle
3-channel degassing

Dual-reciprocating piston 18,000 psi pump provides as much as 10x or more improvement in productivity
Integrated piston wash function keeps pump pistons clean, even with buffers
Synchronized injection with piston position for ultimate precision. High-speed FX UV/Vis (100 pt/sec) with high-efficiency 2.4 μL flow cell

Injects sample volumes as little as 1 μL at pressures up to 18,000 psi with the FX UHPLC Autosampler
Loads sample in only 8 seconds (in partial fill mode)
Three injection modes: full loop, partial fill and μL-pickup with no sample waste
Peltier cooling/heating mode option for operation at 4°C to ambient 40°C. Will reach with 4°C ± 2°C achievable even at ambient temperatures up to 25°C 

Column oven:
Temperature range of 5°C to 90°C for, controlled to within 0.2°C throughout the entire temperature range
Large, easily accessible column compartment holds even 30 cm column format

UV/Vis Detector:
Captures even the fastest UHPLC peaks with 100 pts/sec detection
Dual-beam optical design
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