Camag UV Cabinet II

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UV cabinet allows evaluation of DC/HPTLC chromatograms and other objects under UV light in a non-darkened room. It is closed at the front with a roller shutter. The viewing shaft is fitted with a glass filter to protect the user’s eyes from reflected UV radiation. The correct distances between the UV radiation source, the object and the eye of the observer are optimally maintained. Good lighting and a calm view are therefore guaranteed.

Work surface: 400 x 260 mm

Dimensions: 400 x 350 x 290 mm.

The UV lamp can be lifted and pointed at any object.

366 nm: Under long wave UV light, fluorescent substances appear as bright, often differently colored zones on a dark background. This detection method is the more sensitive the higher the UV light intensity, the more effectively the visible light components are filtered and the more effectively the extraneous light is shielded.

254 nm: Under short wave UV light, substances that absorb UV light of this wavelength appear as dark zones on a light background, provided the layer contains a corresponding fluorescence indicator F 254.

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