Bruker ImagePrep MALDI Sample Preparation

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The ImagePrep is a Matrix Deposition Device for MALDI Imaging in Biomarker Discovery, Drug Imaging and Pathology Research.

Reliable tissue sample preparation enables high-sensitivity imaging of the spatial distribution of protein biomarkers and drug candidates in biological and clinical research.

Using unique vibrational vaporization technology, ImagePrep provides highly reproducible matrix preparations for MALDI Imaging with a fully automated process.

On tissue, a lateral resolution of 50 µm is achieved and high quality mass spectra for localization of biomarkers in tissue slices are obtained.

The complete MALDI Molecular Imaging solution comprises the fully-automated ImagePrep station, MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, data analysis and statistical evaluation software.



ImagePrep Features:


High spatial resolution 50µm and high spectra quality at the same time

Patented sensor control enables active real-time process control and ultimate reproducibility

Matrix aerosol generation with patented vibrational vaporization in a controlled atmosphere

Low (ml) matrix consumption

AutoPrep mode: Push-button operation and predefined methods for standard usecases

Expert mode with full method develpment capabilities

Compact size

Easy-to-clean Teflon coated spray chamber

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