HiLoad pump P50

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Pump Max. Pressure

93 psi

Flow Delivery


Standard Flow Rate

0.1 to 49.9 ml/min

Depth x  Height x Width

17 cm x 29 cm x 27 cm


9 kg

Additional Specifications

Reproducibility: +/- 2%,
Dead Volume: Max 2.5 mL,
Step Volume: 0.4 µL,
Pressure Limit: 0.5 to 0.65MPa (5 to 6.5 bar, 72 to 93 psi)

The Pharmacia P-50 is a HiLoad Pump. It can be used for liquid chromatography, fermentation, and microbiology laboratories. It is a biocompatible pump and can handle either high flow rates of aqueous buffer solutions or viscous biological substances

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