Waters Micromass Quattro Micro API Mass Spectrometer

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The Quattro Micro API is a high performance triple quadrupole spectrometer designed for routine LC/MS/MS operation.
The instrument may be coupled to the following liquid introduction systems:
HPLC system, to provide molecular weight information from an LC run or to perform target analysis and quantification.
Syringe pump, for analysis of precious, low concentration compounds.
Sample ionization take splace in the source at atmospheric pressure. These ions are sampled through through a series of orifices into the first quadrupole where they are filtered according to their mass to charge ratio (m/z). The mass seperated ions then pass into the hexapole collision cell where they either undergo collision induced decomposition (CID) or pass unhindered to the second quadrupole. The fragment ions are then mass analysed by the second quadrupole.
The transmitted ions are finally detected by a conversion dynode,  phosphor and photomultiplier detection system. The output signal is amplified, digitized and presented to the data system.

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