Waters 2707 Autosampler

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The Waters 2707 Autosampler is a compact, versatile module for highly precise and reproducible injections into am LC or LC/MS system. Perfect for automated, routine LC requirements, this easy-to-use and rugged autosampler meets a wide varierty of sampling needs in pharmaceutical, chemical, and environmental laboratories.

Sample capacity: 2x 48-vial tray for 2 ml vials
Loop volume: 100 µl
Dispenser syringe: 500 µl
Wash solvent: Intergrated wash solvent bottle
Injection cycle time: <60 s for one injection, ≤100 µl including 300 µl wash
Injection modes: Full loop, partial loopfill, and partial loop needle overfill mode
Injection volume: 0 to 9999 µl (with 1 µl increment), depending on system settings
Maximum injection volume: Full loop = loop volume, Partial loop needle overfill = 1/2 x loop volume, Partial loopfill = (loop volume – 3x needle volume)/2
Injections per vial/well: Maximum 99 injections
Analysis time: Maximum 650 minutes
Wash: Wash between injections, programmable volumes
Priority sample: Programmable
Reproducibility (1.0 cP standard configuration, and de-gassed wash solvent): RSD ≤0.3% for full loop injections, RSD ≤0.5% for partialloop needle overfill injections (injection volumes >10 µl), RSD ≤1.0% for partial loopfill injections (injection volmes > 10 µl)
Carryover: <0.05% with programmable needle wash
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