Skalar SP1000 Robotic Analyzer

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The SP1000 is the reliable and affordable way to automate high volume sample loads. The typical bottle capacity of the SP1000 for the BOD application is 90 (5 racks of 18 bottles). During the run the worklist can be extended by exchanging bottle trays and/or adding additional bottles. With its multiple, up to six, probe capability and durable design this analyzer offers the highest sample throughput available today. The SP1000 provides accurate, random access, XYZ movements that can be implemented for various applications. No further lab-bench modifications are required. The system also provides a smooth and effective transition from manual sample handling to full automation. The SP1000 compliments the proven and successful existing Skalar robotic units and ensures complete customer satisfaction and confidence for the large routine laboratory which handles thousands of samples per day.
Samples are pipetted, either manual or automatically (option), into the BOD bottles and the identity and the dilutions are entered or downloaded from LIMS into the sample table . Bottles are placed in the racks and placed on the Robotic Analyzer. Analyzer is started by operator. The manipulator sets the Oxygen probe in position, bottle is capped and filled with Nitrification inhibitor (ATU) and/or seed (option) and dilution water. Sample is then stirred and the initial Oxygen value is measured. The bottle is capped and the Oxygen probe and stirrer are rinsed before going to the next sample. The same procedure is followed until a value is recorded for all samples. The sample racks are placed in a 20°C incubator for 5 days. After incubation the racks are placed on the Robotic analyzer. The operator starts the analyzer. The bottle is capped. The sample is stirred and the final Oxygen value is measured. The BOD value is calculated. This procedure is repeated until all samples are measured. The data can be presented on screen, printed or converted to a file compatible with other software and LIMS.
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