Dionex ASI-100T Autosampler

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The ASI-100T Automated Sample Injector is a highly flexible autosampler for automating HPLC methods. The ASI-100T allows independent processing of sample sequences and methods, it has been designed for routine laboratory use and incorporates exceptional reliability and high performance. With integrated safety features such as automatic vial recognition and electronic needle resistance shutdown, the ASI-100T is ideally suited for unattended operation. The ASI-100T incorporates an in-line splitloop injection system, thereby providing variable injection volumes with the precision of conventional fixed-loop autosamplers. The ASI-100T provides sample carousel temperature control.

Sample Capacity: 117 x 1.8-mL vials
Injection Volume: 1–250 µL with appropriate sample loop
Injection Volume Increment: 0.1 µL
Flush Volume: None
Sample Loss/Injection: None
Minimum Sample Required: 5 µL
Reproducibility: RSD < 0.3% at 5 µL, Typical RSD < 1% at 1 µL
Carryover: < 0.1%
Repeat Injections: 9
Counters: Number of executed injections, number of injection valve stator and rotor movements, wear of needle port, wear of needle seal, wear of syringe
Safety Features: Automatic segment detection, automatic vial recognition, automatic vial sensing, electronic needle protection, overflow/leak sensor, all mechanical operations internally monitored
(injection valve, syringe, etc.)
Input/Display: LCD display, keypad with control elements and function keys for direct control, LED display (seven segments) for retention time indication, LED display (seven segments) plus three LEDs for indicating sample location 
Wetted Parts: Stainless steel (1.4571/316SS), PCTFE, PTFE, PEEK, Vespel
Temperature Control: 4°C to 45°C
Operating Pressure: Max. 340 bar
In-/Outputs: 2x serial (RS-232[A] and RS-232[B]), MSV, sample position, digital I/O
Dimensions (HxWxD ): 360 x 400 x 450 mm
Weight: 17 kg

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