Beckman Coulter Avanti J-E Refrigerated Centrifuge

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Speed range: 300 to 21 000 rpm in 10-rpm increments

Speed control: actual rotor speed, ±50 rpm of set speed

Speed display: actual rotor speed in 10-rpm increments or actual rcf × g

Set time: Up to 99 hours 59 minutes or continuous (hold)

Time display timed run: indicates run time remaining

Time display hold run: displays elapsed time

Temperature range: -10 to 40°C in 1°C increments

Temperature control (after equilibration): ±2°C of set temperature

Acceleration: two profiles—MAX (full acceleration to set speed) and SLOW

Deceleration: three profiles—MAX, SLOW, and OFF

Dimensions (WxDxH): 635 x 800 x 914 mm

Weight: 267.4 kg

Equipped with:

1x Beckman Coulter JA-17 fixed angle rotor (max 17000 rpm, 14x 50 mL capacity)

1x Beckman Coulter JS-13.1 swing out rotor (max 13000 rpm, 6x 50 mL capacity)

1x Beckman Coulter JS-5.3 swing out rotor (max 5300 rpm, 4x 500 mL/ 24 microplates/ 8 deep-well plates or 4 square-well plates capacity)

1x Beckman Coulter JA-10 fixed angle rotor (max 10000 rpm, 6x 500 mL capacity)

Weight 267,0 kg

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